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A management system used to track the effectiveness of Vodafone's Free SIM advertising campaigns

Campaign Management System

To support Vodafone's Free SIM operation, Agency Republic developed the Free SIM CMS, a system to manage the distribution of Vodafone Pay as you go SIM cards across the United Kingdom.

The system tracks the effectiveness of advertising campaigns across media placements including:

  • Free SIM website
  • Display/banner ads
  • Facebook
  • Television
  • Outdoor posters
  • Affiliates
  • Distributors
Vodafone Freebees

Desktop interface

To highlight the different value propositions offered by Vodafone, users are presented with a choice page to help them select the most relevent product.

Vodafone Free SIM homepage

Placing an Order

Once a proposition has been selected, users can fill in their details to have a Vodafone Free SIM pre-provisioned with their proposition sent to them.

The form page allows users to dynamically change the selected proposition and get more indepth information about the offer.

To increase order fidelity users can enter their postcode to search for their address rather than manually entering their address into the form. This significantly reduced the amount of SIM cards returned to Vodafone.

Once a user enters their information they receive a confirmation email and their data is sent for cleansing and fulfilment.

Despatch, activation and top-up information is sent from Vodafone and matched against orders to identify the effectiveness of their originating campaign.

Vodafone Free SIM desktop form page


To deliver the best user experience, the Vodafone website is optimised for different devides. Smartphones receive an interface tailored for their device.

Smartphone Design

Feature phones

The website also delivers a separate experience for feature phone (non-smartphone) users.

Mobile Design