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JD Track Mat Dock

A Jack Daniel's barrel is converted into a music player

Project details


Raise awareness of the brand's Rock'n'Roll heritage


Develop a product to showcase sponsored bands and their songs


A hand-crafted JD barrel which plays band music


  • Design installation


Brown-Forman with Jack Daniel's


Agency Republic
Senior Creative Technologist


  • United Kingdom


  1. 19-29-year-olds


01 October 2013

Key technologies

  • Arduino
  • NFC
  • MP3 Shield
  • Electronics


JD Track Mat Dock

Campaign overview video.


Tangible tunes

To help Jack Daniel's celebrate bands returning to their hometown for an unforgettable gig, Agency Republic designed and produced the JD Track Mat Dock.

Made from a mini Jack Daniel's barrel, the dock jams the band's tunes when you insert a track mat into the dock.


The track mats are inserted into the side of the JD track mat dock which then plays the band's song.

Great Bands

The JD track mat dock formed part of the JD track mat campaign where over 1000 drink mats were distributed around the UK. With these mats, you can download music from local bands to your phone.

The first three featured bands:

Reverse side

The details about the campaign were described on the back of the track mat.

At the time of production, not all mobile phones were capable of NFC so a QR code and a URL is included to download the track to your phone.