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Bashkim IsaiCreative Technologist
Bashkim IsaiCreative Technologist

The Bookery Cook

A recipe generating refrigerator using magnets labelled with fresh ingredients

Project details


Create an innovative way to search and display recipes from a designer cookbook


Use fridge magnets marked with ingredients as an interactive recipe-generating fridge


An interactive fridge that reads fiducials and displays recipes


  • Design installation


The Bookery Cook


Studio Farrago
Creative Technologist


  • Australia


  1. Household Cooks


11 November 2009

Key technologies

  • Adobe Flash
  • Reactivision
  • Arduino
  • HTML5


The Bookery Cook

The Bookery Cook is an interactive work that brings the household cookbook to life. The work extends itself beyond paper and places itself upon the hub of the home, the refrigerator.

By drawing on the themes of the timeless family recipe book you can browse through recipes by matching ingredients together. Magnetic tiles marked with ingredients allow you to find a recipe based on a combination of ingredients.


  1. Pecha Kucha Brisbane

    State Library of Queensland
    Brisbane, Australia

    10 October 2010
  2. SHOOT!

    4C Arts Collective
    Brisbane, Australia

    02 October 2010
  3. Inhabit Fiesta

    Glow 32
    Brisbane, Australia

    25 June 2010
  4. Shape of Things to Come

    QUT Creative Industries
    Brisbane, Australia

    Launch: 23 February 2010
    Retired: 13 March 2010


  • Bashkim Isai
    Creative Technologist
  • Georgia Thompson
    Concept & Design