Launched Facebook Page for Game Boy Homebrew Developers

Launched Facebook Page for Game Boy Homebrew Developers logo

Connecting Homebrew Game Boy developers via modern social networking platforms

Launch rationale

There are a few ways that Game Boy developers can connect and communicate with each other from around the world. Unfortunately most existing channels are not maintained and hidden across the internet on forums.

The page aims to connect like-minded homebrew Game Boy developers via Facebook - bringing Game Boy development into a modern age.


The group is named after the Game Boy Developers Kit (GBDK) - a compiler, assembler, linker and set of libraries for the Nintendo Game Boy written in the C programming language; however some posts may also reference Assembly programming.


The page publishes up to three posts per week:

  • Monday: Information and instructional articles
  • Wednesday: Game Boy culture
  • Friday: Downloadable Homebrew ROMs and source code